– the sound of waves in the middle of Jutland

A forest property tucked away down a dirt road. A large and bright newer wooden building and a smaller, poor farmhouse from an old homestead. Old meets New. Lots of space and privacy. That´s how you will experience the Leadership Lighthouse’s forest-property on The Ancient Road, Hærvejen, a half hour drive from Vejle, Billund, Herning and Horsens.

The forest property was until 2004 one of the quietest places in Jutland and has belonged to the Fogh family since 1964. No matter where you are on the 22 hectares, you cannot see other buildings. You still can’t, but in 2004 the silence stopped and since then the sound from Midtjyske Highway has constantly waved in the background. Therefore, we call the place “The Ancient Road-island” (in Danish: Hærvejs-øen).

The Highway has taught us something important. After cursing the noise for some years, we chose to accept the sound. Instead of giving it a negative meaning, we decided that it was in some way the sound of waves in a rushing sea. The conclusion was clear and simple: we cannot change the events around us, but we can influence the significance we attach to them. It is quite relevant to realize this, as we are at a place for personal growth and reflection.

At The Ancient Road-island we make courses and training and workshops for smaller groups, team building and leadership coaching. We also use other locations, including the small island, Egholm, in the Limfjord or Borre Knob near Juelsminde.

Professional conversations

– People in conversation create results

Conversations are the driving force of successful organizations. Conversations connect people and enable them to create strong results together.
During this course, you´ll learn to master a range of professional conversations. You´ll gain a deep insight into the anatomy of conversations. This will help you succeed with your goals and ambitions.

It is through conversations that we create clarity and vigor. New ideas come to life. We make plans. Resolve conflicts. Motivate and give feedback. In every context, conversations are essential.

Overview of the education:

6 Modules

The training in Professional Conversations consists of 6 modules. In addition, you get two individual sparring conversations. During the modules you will be presented with the most important theories and the best proven practices in professional conversations. You will learn practical conversation pointers that you can quickly implement in your organizational life. Throughout the training, you will also work on your individual development goals.

The structure and background of the education

The education has a strong focus on practice. Models and tools will always be targeted towards your organizational challenges. The learning-style is a mixture of exercises, theory and reflection, as well as demos in plenum.
Kim Fogh and Henrik Isaksen, the two main instructors, both have their foundation in systemic and dialogic theory. They see the existentialist philosophy as a starting point for organizational conversations and work.
In addition to Henrik and Kim, you will meet some of the Denmark´s best guest lecturers from both universities and business.


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Module 1 – Coaching and team conversations

During Module 1, you will work with organizational coaching and team conversations. You will be introduced to coaching theory, psychology and philosophy and there will be a strong focus on translating tools and pointers into your own work-situation.

Selected Content-elements:

  • Team theory and the Reflective Team
  • Conversation-management (Gamemastery)
  • Recognition and AI as the basis for organizational conversations
  • Structured dialogue and bridge-constructions
  • The solution-focused conversation

You obtain:

  • Professional coaching techniques
  • Feedback from participants and teachers
  • Enhanced understanding of conversations as organizational driving forces
  • Knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses in organizational conversations

Module 2 – Management, strategy and power in conversations

During Module 2, we will be learning to take lead in professional conversations. You will strengthen your understanding of power in relationships and conversations.

Selected content-elements:

  • Power and ethics in professional conversations
  • Idioms and values in the organization.
  • CMM (Coordinated Management of Meaning)
  • Hypotheses and assumptions in conversations
  • Foucault’s concept of power

You obtain:

  • Techniques for conducting professional conversations in the organization
  • Understanding of power and control in the organization
  • Tools used for strategic conversations
  • Insight into your own powerfulness and its influence on your conversations

Module 3 – Feedback

Module 3 is about feedback as a professional conversation method. You will learn how to give and receive feedback that enhances learning and motivation. You will be introduced to specific models and methods for appreciative feedback.

Selected content-elements:

  • Understanding the psychological mechanisms behind constructive feedback
  • Feedback as a leadership tool
  • Feedback-culture in the organization
  • “Meetback” as a way to mirror your conversation partner
  • Presence and relationships in professional conversations

You obtain:

  • Methods and techniques for giving specific and motivating feedback
  • Techniques for difficult feedback conversations
  • Exercises in using feedback in plenum
  • Insights in using feedback as organizational communication

Module 4 – Presentation skills

During Module 4, we work with presentation skills and key messages. You learn to design simple and powerful messages that you can use in presentations and in meetings. You will gain insight into the most effective techniques from the TV industry and learn how to use them in your organizational practice.

Selected content-elements:

  • Learn to communicate through clear and simple key messages
  • The News Triangle – Learn the best tricks from the media-world
  • Body language and voice-control that strengthen your communication
  • The “Elevator Pitch” – delivering a clear message in less than 1 minute
  • Storytelling

You obtain:

  • Understanding of how powerful speeches and presentations work
  • Insight into the communication approach of journalists
  • Video feedback on your presentations
  • Learning to enjoy “being on stage.”

Module 5 – Process, facilitation and chairing meetings

During Module 5, you will work with organizational processes and how you can handle larger groups of people. In addition, you will improve your ability to facilitate and chair meetings to ensure good conversations and the optimal efficiency.

Selected content-elements:

  • Tools for implementing and facilitating change
  • Preparation and facilitation of effective meetings and panel discussions
  • How do you create motivational processes and engagement with the participants
  • Handling of “difficult” meeting participants
  • How processes are linked to strategic goals and results

You obtain:

  • Concrete tools that you can use in your organization
  • Understanding of your own strengths as process facilitator
  • Theory of meeting dynamics
  • Ability to interview and facilitate a panel debate

Module 6 – Conflict management and dialogue (as well as exam and certification)

In module 6 we will work with conflicts as a challenging but nevertheless natural part of organizational life. You will be introduced to a rewarding and appreciative way of understanding conflicts and you will learn how to handle them.
You will work with dialogue as a way to strengthen cooperation and efficiency. You will be introduced to dialogic theory and practice with a main focus on training and exercises. In addition, module 6 will include an exam and certification.

Selected content-elements:

  • Theory of conflicts in organizations
  • Practical work with the model: “conflict escalation”
  • Conversation tools for meeting and managing conflicts
  • Practical dialogues in conversations
  • Exam and certification

You obtain:

  • Specific tools for using conflicts as an organizational resource
  • Ability to handle conflicts in conversations and meetings
  • Models and designs to create and implement organizational dialogues
  • Knowledge of the model: “conflict escalation”

Practical notes:

Educations in 2020:

Classes will start when enough participants have signed up

Duration and location:

12 days

Modules 1, 3, 4 and 6 will be overnight stays at our forest property on The Ancient Road, Hærvejen, near Vejle, Billund and Herning. Modules 2 and 5 will take place in Aarhus.


Total cost: 39,995. DKK excl. VAT. Supplement for catering and single room.


The instructors are two of the Denmark’s most experienced and best educated in professional conversations. Both Henrik Isaksen and Kim Fogh have Masters’ in Learning Processes and Organizational Coaching from Aalborg University. They are educated journalists with a total of 30 years of experience working as news-reporters, news-hosts and in leadership positions at Danish Broadcasting Corporation and TV2. In addition, they both have years of experience from private industry, where they have acted as managers, leaders, organizational chief consultants and business-coaches. Henrik has a certificate in Leadership and Professional Development at the Tavistock Institute in London and Kim has completed an Advanced Coaching Certification from Columbia University, New York.

Kim Fogh


  • Owner and Director, Leadership Lighthouse
  • Senior Business Coach & Talent Development Specialist, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
  • Head of Programs, DR
  • Head of DR Lifestyle
  • Journalist, editor, host and reporter at TV2-News, TV2-Sporten, TV2-documentary, TV2-OJ

Education and certifications

  • Master of Learning Processes, Organizational Coaching, Aalborg University
  • Advanced Coaching Certification, Columbia University, New York
  • Discipline of Innovation, Stanford Research Institute, CA, USA
  • Journalist, The Danish School of Journalism (DMJX)

Henrik Isaksen


  • Chief Consultant, Education Lead, Mannaz A / S
  • Chief consultant and teacher, Rambøll Management (Attractor)
  • Communications Advisor, Management Coach, Vestas Wind Systems A / S
  • Communication consultant, Strategos
  • Journalist, editor, DR-News, TVAvisen

Education and certifications

  • Master of Learning Processes, Organizational Coaching, Aalborg University
  • Certified systemic coach, EMCC Senior Practitioner Level
  • Journalist, The Danish School of Journalism (DMJX)
  • Certificate in Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development, The Tavistock Institute, London

Midlife – in the middle of it all

– 24 intense hours


An intense day and night where you get a good look in the mirror. Who are you, now that you’ve come some way into adulthood? What is vital to you? How do you create space for it to come alive in your everyday life?
“Midlife – in the middle of it all” is for someone who has heard their hopes and dreams shouting at them for some time. You may not have listened properly – yet. During 24 intense hours, you will look inward and forward. Some of the time alone, but mostly as a part of a group of max. 12 people. The essence of the course is cheerful and musical. Expect both concentration and ambitiousness, noise, silence, laughter and lots of fire.


A personal service check. How are you doing? Do your priorities need to be adjusted? Where and how? You will get a unique chance to formulate some commitments, professionally and personally. It all takes place in a safe and at the same time energetic collaboration with the other participants whose stories you´re also going to hear and be inspired.

Instructors at Midlife – in the middle of it all are the brothers Kim Fogh and Palle Fogh.

Practical notes:

The course takes place at The Ancient Road-island, Hærvejen 177, Sdr. Kollemorten, 7323 Give.

Targetgroup: For once, it doesn’t matter if you are a leader or an apprentice. There are only two “entry requirements”: 1) you must be between 35 and 70 years. 2) Prior to the course you must formulate 3-5 lines about your motivation for participation. Mail them to kim@leli.dk.

Participant-cost: DKR 100 per hour, totaling DKR 2400 + VAT. For that amount you get the course content, follow-up package and full catering, 100% organic from the region’s best supplier.
You are welcome to spend the night at The Ancient Road-island. There is a full program most of the day and night, but you will have some time for sleeping. Single room (first come, first served): DKR 500. Shared room or dormitory DKR 150. We also gladly refer to good and affordable accommodations nearby.

“One of the qualities of being past the early adolescence and still some way from old age is that here – in the middle of life – we can seriously step into character. We have achieved significant life-experience and self-insight and we know that life goes fast. We seek meaningfulness and integrity, both professionally and personally. Common for most of us is a strong desire to uncover our life-purpose. When we succeed in doing that, we know we live in a way that we will never regret.”

Father & son

– Time together with your unique stories

New Course: Numerous studies show that when people look back on their lives, there is one thing they wish they had prioritized more: spending time with their loved ones. There is the ultimate joy and life-satisfaction. Paradoxically, many of us choose to immerse ourselves in our jobs, our hobbies, our duties and other external activities.

For all of you fathers and sons, here is a chance for a dose of raw joy of life and meaningful get-together. 24 hours where you can come (even) closer to each other and achieve new perspectives on yourself as a father/son. You will join a small group of other fathers and sons who, through their individual stories, will both challenge and inspire you.


The father & son course is an intense and varied day and night with a full program almost all 24 hours. We work according to five headlines: Personal stories, practical challenges in the surrounding nature, theory from the literature and psychology, exercises for father and son alone, but also the fathers together and the sons together, and finally a Look Forward-task with the possibility of binding decisions.

Along the way, there will be plenty of masculine gathering, music and singing, great food, bonfires at night and sensory enhancing expeditions in the nearby forest.


You will be challenged in such a way that you cannot avoid seeing yourselves from different perspectives compared to before, both as individuals and as a family. You will learn new ways of conversation and collaboration. You will be inspired and constructively disturbed by experiencing how other fathers and sons experience both joy and worries. You will also be invited to make some commitments that will help you hold on to each other in the future.

Practical notes:

The course takes place at The Ancient Road-island, Hærvejen 177, Sdr. Kollemorten, 7323 Give.

Participant-cost: 3000 DKR + VAT for 2 participants (catering included).

Accommodation in a double room at Hærvejsøen can be purchased. Free of cost in own tent, in shelter etc. We also gladly refer to good and affordable accommodations nearby.