Your leadership

– your benchmarking behavior

You can have the world’s best job when you are a leader. Achieve deep satisfaction by giving life to an idea and see it turn into meaningful results – working with committed colleagues.

Leadership can also be tough and lonely. Although leading people is all about playing well with others, many leaders are frustrated solo-players.

How ambitious are you with your leadership?

How well do you know yourself – and what would you like to be remembered for?

What exactly should be your leadership behavior? The differentiator that determines whether others follow or escape.

When you and I work with your leadership, we meet for confidential conversations about your job and your daily challenges. The goal is for you to spot new and effective ways to reach your goals. We work “live” in the conversations, where I sometimes give you direct feedback on your communication and behavior, as I experience it here and now in the conversation. We use models and tools when they help make issues clearer.

Between the sessions, we typically agree on specific tasks or experiments, in which you collect new experiences in your daily work. If you wish, we will keep a common confidential logbook where I share my notes from the conversations with you. You may add more comments and new reflections and learning points.

The goal is twofold: You strengthen your performance as an excellent leader who creates results with others. You remember to enjoy the privilege of having a leadership-job so you can enjoy your career full of energy and pride.


– stay sharp

Coaching, in a word, is about learning and personal development. Coaching is also about getting fired up and finding the energy and courage to fight for your ideas and strategies.

You can’t cheat yourself when you’ve decided on coaching. The subject is the world’s most important: you!

  • You who need to understand yourself in depth.
  • You who will get a sharp look at how you create meaning.
  • You who sometimes put unnecessary restrictions on yourself.
  • You who will learn to see more opportunities.

As an additional benefit, your workplace will also gain from your coaching because you will become even sharper about who you are, what is important to you, and how you achieve your goals.

As a coach I help you find answers you probably already have, but yet have not taken seriously enough. We create a space of trust, courage and straightforwardness. In our conversations, you will want to expand your scope of action, but you won’t settle for just that. You will also make decisions, small and large, and experiment with your decisions between our conversations. Maybe you will keep a logbook along the way so we can easily follow up on your specific actions when we meet for the next coaching conversation.

We include the models, tests and development tools that may help you with your particular challenges. I invite you to investigate how our conversation is experienced by you – “live” while we talk. And sometimes we invite your leader / chairman / colleague on board in the prosess to match expectations – before the first conversation and / or for a final evaluation.

Nothing is too big, small or strange — only you and your focus on your learning and development.


– living communication

When you connect with your natural, authentic impact, something happens. Both with you and with those you are with. You can achieve ambitious results faster. Mainly because you are communicating in a clear, credible and motivating way.

Impact is about connecting. Connecting with the messages you wish to communicate with life and energy. Connecting with your audience, your colleagues or your customers with clarity, intensity and presence. Connecting with yourself knowing what you are talking about and how this is related to the person you are and the values you live and lead from.

We call our method Lighthouse Presentation. We are not trying to make over anyone. Instead, we focus on enhancing the communication skills you already have and on getting rid of some of the habits or misunderstandings that stand in the way of your living communication.

We believe training is crucial – typically in a series of concentrated, energetic sessions. We usually use video recordings and the most effective feedback methods. When possible, we observe you communicate in on-the-job situations where there is something at stake, and we develop key take-aways and new training exercises from the experience.

What is your most direct way to motivate, excite and set direction? You will know that when you have worked on your impact in cooperation with us.

You will become a leader, a project manager, or a specialist who creates strong results because you understand how your communication comes alive so you can connect with others.

360° video-assessment

– input you´ll never forget

How do others experience your leadership?

Do you motivate or discourage people?

What stories do others tell about you – and what more could they ask for in your leadership?

You will receive clear answers when you get a 360° qualitative video assessment. The 360° enables you to turn up the most needed parts of your management so that you, along with your closest partners, can create ambitious results in a way that you can be proud of.

The method is structured very simply. You select a handful of respondents whom you ask to help by spending an hour being interviewed. The clearer they are when they describe you and the way they experience your leadership, the more they will help you. Kim Fogh will record the interviews on video and edit a 20-30 minute summary of the most powerful statements. You and Kim will then meet and watch the statements together – and talk about which focus areas most effectively will strengthen your leadership. This will typically be followed up by a development plan that runs for 6-10 months, possibly with a follow-up 360° video-assessment with the same respondents.

The well-known written 360° with columns, percentages, and additional commentary can be exciting reading that primarily speaks to the brain and intellect – and is then put in a drawer and forgotten.

Leadership Lighthouse’s qualitative 360° video team assessment speaks to both the analytical and the emotional part of the brain. Images of living people with mimicry and voice have a strong effect in relation to learning, memory and motivation. You will receive data and impressions you´ll never forget.

As a an additional benefit, your respondents also learn from the video interview about you and your leadership, because here they have to put precise words on both what works and what doesn´t. That process makes it natural for them to also reflect on their own career and development.

Sensemaking interview

– learning never stops

As the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote approximately 170 years ago: “To help others, you must first meet them where they are.” That logic also applies to ourselves. To understand yourself in depth, you need to meet yourself on your home-turf – your personal vantage point to the world.

What can be your next obvious stage of your development? To know that, you need to ask yourself where you are here and now. You will receive the answer when you engage in a Sensemaking Interview.

How do you make sense?

What stories do you tell about yourself – and how do you tell them?

What is your core story?

Does the core story limit you? Or do you convince yourself that you are succeeding, even though you may not really be satisfied?

The Sensemaking interview focuses on learning and self-knowledge. Recent research shows that people are able to learn throughout their lives. The number of brain cells may decrease, but we retain our ability to connect the remaining ones to new meaning. We use our life-experiences to create qualified choices, maybe a bit more slowly than when we were in our 20’s, but with a greater chance of our choices leading us to where we want to go.

With inspiration from Robert Kegan and Jennifer Garvey Berger, both from Harvard University, Leadership Lighthouse offers a Sensemaking interview. You will clarify your Sensemaking score in Kegan’s Complexity of Mind universe and you get input for new learning that will strengthen your development and not least the story of who you are and how your world hangs together. From there, the road is open for new adventures.

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