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– about Leadership Lighthouse

The company was established by Kim Fogh and Mette Madsen Dam in 2012. Today, Kim Fogh is the owner of the company and Mette Madsen Dam is a trusted associate and partner. The office is in Aarhus and in addition we do workshops, courses and leadership coaching at our forest property on Hærvejen.

Leadership Lighthouse’s mission: We help our customers find direction and courage.

Leadership Lighthouse specializes in the kind of leadership we believe is an accessible resource for everyone – both leaders and employees. It is about responsibility, trust, clarity and courage.

We work with all types of leadership development, leadership communication and talent development. In the company’s beginning years, we had a narrow focus on personal leadership. Now we also help organizations create winning cultures with purpose-driven leadership and self-organization.

In addition, we create existentially-based development courses and in 2019 we will start a new course in Professional Conversations. Since 2016, Kim Fogh has collaborated with Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter, as an associate lecturer in the leadership-education Master’s in Management.

Leadership Lighthouse has a motto: everyone deserves an authentic leader who can focus and excite! The leader does not have to be the title leader. All who take ownership and full responsibility for their working life are leaders according to our definition.

In the mantra, three key-words emerge: authenticity, focus and excitement.

Authenticity is about knowing oneself and about being in touch with oneself. We see this as a prerequisite for being able to be present with others.

Focus is about creating results. There is money to be earned, strategies to be implemented and goals to be achieved. The focus is also on having a firm look at the company’s purpose and mission-statement and about remembering its core story.

Excitement refers to the fact that nobody can achieve ambitious results alone. Even the most talented people succeed only when they are able to get others involved, creating a motivating and energetic collaboration with colleagues and employees.

AGORA Social Production

– meeting place for free people

In 2018, Kim Fogh became part of the consulting firm AGORA, a community of consultants who own their own businesses. In AGORA we collaborate on selected, larger assignments and on research.

Leadership Lighthouse still is Kim’s primary focus, now with the opportunity to enter into more complex collaborations and development projects together with colleagues in AGORA.

In AGORA, we are 14 consultants who together have core competencies within almost all areas of the organizational development area. In the team are business psychologists, PhD students, sociologists, a historian, a journalist, a political science creator and a designer. Several have many years of leadership experience.

We can quickly establish a strong team in areas such as: Talent development, Self-organization, Value-creating Evaluations and Change management.

The name AGORA derives from Greek and means meeting place. Here, free people met and created valuable solutions together. In AGORA we want to meet and create strong results with curious and ambitious leaders and employees who desire something on behalf of their organization.

As a consequence, we promise:

  • That we work with a strong faith in people and that we insist on wishing each other well – even if this can be exploited.
  • That we take responsibility for each other, for the solutions we develop and the relationships we are in. This also means that we say no, if necessary.
  • That we seek openness, even where we are in doubt or maybe wrong
  • That we want something with you, even if it is something difficult
  • That we dare to ask questions of each other and ourselves. Questions that provoke, confront, and take us to new places.

More about AGORA Social Productions here: https://agora.as/


– great business partners and friends of the house


Mette Madsen Dam

Mette is an associate partner and co-founder of Leadership Lighthouse. She holds an MBA in Business Psychology and holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies with a concentration in Organization & Management from ASB and Communication from RUC. She is currently affiliated with Aalborg University and has been employed by e.g. Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Vestas Wind Systems.


Jakob Wolf

Jakob Wolf is an associate partner. In addition to doing assignments in Leadership Lighthouse, he is a leader in of the Danish Air Force and acts as a commanding officer at Eskadrille 722. He is a trained air mechanic in the Armed Forces, a Pathfinder and a coach. Jacob has also been employed as a rescuer and Flight Engineer at the Rescue Helicopter.


Palle Skovmand Fogh

Palle is an associate partner – and brother of Kim. Characteristic features of Palle are empathy, experience and a strong belief in the strength of committed people working together. He has 22 years of leadership experience as a school-leader, boarding-school principal and heading a Concert Hall. Palle is chairman of DGI Nordjylland and member of the board of DGI-Huset, Nordkraft and Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium.


Pia Lasborg

Pia is an associate partner. She is a certified journalist and has been a leader in Danish Broadcasting Corporation and at TV2. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner and a coach and has furthered her education in Human Resources, healing and management. Her professional vision is to bridge evidence-based scientific development methods and metaphysical ways of thinking. For Pia, it must be both developing, challenging and fun to go to work.
More about Pia at: www.udkom.dk


Morten Brøcker

Morten collaborates with Leadership Lighthouse when the assignments include media training. Morten has been an editorial and executive director at TV2OJ from 2000-2013 and is today heading Brøcker Kommunikation. Morten is also a examiner and lecturer in investigative journalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.
More about Morten at: https://broecker-kommunikation.dk/


Henrik Isaksen

Henrik is the owner of Wave-Consult and collaborates with Leadership Lighthouse onwq our new joint education in Professional Conversations. Henrik is an experienced management consultant, coach and communication consultant with more than 20 years of experience from large consulting houses and Danish organizations. Henrik is a certified journalist having worked at Danish Broadcasting Corporation and at TV2OJ.
More about Henrik at: https://wave-consult.dk/

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